About Silverdale


Situated within the District of Mission’s Urban Growth Boundary, the 3,440 acre Silverdale Comprehensive Planning Area (SCPA) is bordered by Silverdale Creek to the east, rural and agricultural lands to the north, Silvermere Lake to the west and the Fraser River and ALR lands to the south. The Master Infrastructure Strategy (MIS) was initiated as a means to fill the policy gap between the District of Mission 2018 Official Community Plan (OCP) and future Silverdale Neighbourhood Plans by guiding the sustainable development and growth of the community.

Since the completion of the MIS in late 2019, Polygon Homes, with the enthusiastic support from the District, has undertaken proponent led Land Use Planning for the Central Neighbourhood. Currently in Phase 3 of the planning process, a Preferred Land Use Plan Draft was chosen in August 2021 and is currently being refined by the primary consultant, Ekistics Town Planning.

The East and West Neighbourhoods are slated to begin the land use planning process in the near future, likely in the years following the approval of the Central Neighbourhood Plan in early 2022.


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